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"Art... What is it? Where does it come from? Art is everywhere. Think about it... Look around... Observe... Listen... Expressions. Perceptions. Articulating extensions of the self... Individualism. We all are part of it".

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Steven Scott Fyfe

Soaring explorations. Incredible flights of oratory poetry. Tantalizing. Kaleidoscope imaginary. Passion. Movements. Harmony. This is Steven Scott Fyfe's artwork.
Mr. Fyfe hands-over colorful, effervescence and excitement for us art lovers and while doing so, immersing us with delight in absorbing his freedom… that is creation.
The pleasures, fantasies and enthusiasm from the artist are infectious throughout his art. His unique approach in painting or should I say his way of depicting it, prompts us to explore, rediscover and appreciate it even more with delight.
Mr. Fyfe's artwork entangles us to discover surrealism with multiple vizions from the artist creative mind.
Mr. Steven Scott Fyfe resides in Saint-Lambert Quebec.
Michel Villani
Visual Art Connaisseur

Steven Scott Fyfe         

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Photographers: Kevin Clark & Yannick Allain


Exhibition by Steven Scott Fyfe
Centre des Arts La Petite Église d’Edmundston

Date : june 16th to september 29th 2022

I have the great pleasure of inviting and welcoming you to my first exhibition, “Vizions”, in my hometown of Edmundston. I will be there on June 16 and June 17 from noon until closing at 4:30 p.m.

Come and discover my abstract art and new creations for this exhibition.

The exhibition takes place on the second floor of the Center des Arts La Petite Eglise.

After almost 40 years since I left the region, what a pleasure to see you again.

Art is to be shared...

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